Who we are

Índigo was created in 1996 by the musician and producer Manuel Faria.

At the time Manuel Faria had already a broad range of experience in music creation and production – pianist and founder of the band Trovante and producer of Portuguese artists such as Sérgio Godinho, Mafalda Veiga, Filhos da Madrugada, Entre-Aspas, among others. Additionally, he had worked for some years in Advertising having produced several award-winning works as freelancer.

From the beginning Índigo’s aim was to become a business structure of excellence specialized in music and sound for communication. Moreover, experimentation in sound design has always been a part of Índigo’s DNA and a factor of differentiation in the market placing Índigo in the forefront of sound research at the global level. Brands like Dolby™, Immsound™ and Sonic-chair™ use sound experiences created by Índigo for the demonstration of their equipments.

What we do

Supported by three multifunctional studios from the common Stereo up to 5.1 and 7.1, a wide range of communication materials for brands are recorded daily at Índigo, comprising the original conception of sound, music and voice recordings that enable brands to innovate and distinguish themselves in the market.

In addition to the more common work in the field of ​​advertising, Índigo offers a full range of specialized consulting services, including international licensing of music and the support of new formats, original conception of soundscapes, audio branding services, helping clients face current communication challenges.

In brief, Índigo positions itself as pioneer in the creation of new ideas and platforms, continuously exploring innovative technologies and processes which exploit the potential of sound through a varied range of applications.